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In 2006, Absorb-Plus opened its own factory that it currently operates in Shanghai under European and North American management specialized in production and quality assurance.

The head office and sales office remains in Montreal but due to market demands for great quality at affordable prices, its Chinese factory now supplies clients worldwide.


Raw Materials are purchased locally, tested with Ecolab chemical products, manufactured in-house, tested as finished goods and then shipped to you as you expect.

We currently manufacture the following products at our facilities:

- Reusable Underpads   • Bed Linen   - Laundry Bags
- Colorful Chairpads   - Knit-Fit knitted sheets   - Mattress Covers
- Clothing Protectors/Bibs   - Knit-Fit Pillowcases   - Impervious draw sheets
    - Knit-Fit Stretcher Sheets   - Impervious nurse's aprons
    - Knit-Fit Birthing Bed Sheets    
    - Knit-Fit Thermal Bedspreads    

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Absorb-Plus Inc. was certified ISO 9001/9002 until it off shored its production to its Chinese factory, API (Shanghai) in 2006. Since then, API has become ISO 9001:2008 certified and has on-site European and North American management.